Hi, I'm Korinne Zimmerman, otherwise known as Crafterella, and am a mother of three. I spend all of my free time crafting. I attended Memphis College of Art briefly enough to discover I am more crafty and less arty and I have been crafting happily away ever since. I am a pack rat and a frequent dumpster diver and have experimented with a variety of mediums. Currently I am working with polymer clay, sewing (mostly knits), recycling/reusing anything and everything, and art journaling with a bit of knitting and crocheting for fun and relaxation.  I am also working to make our home cozy and welcoming while battling mounds of clutter and trying to get organized enough to keep my family running smoothly.

My family is full of crafty people, my Mother and all of here sisters are very creative.  They have their own craft show every year, this year will mark their 23rd. show.  Originally I was inspired to craft to make items that I could not afford to buy or could not find in the small town where I grew up.  A lot of my early projects were improvised with scrap clothing, odd found items, and craft supplies from Wmart.  For a while I was even creating sculpture out of mud!  In a quest to learn and do I took a variety of interesting classes in high school.  In Home Ec. I learned to sew and bake, computer aided drafting taught me about architecture and design, and finally welding, just in case I ever wanted to build large metal sculptures or do auto body repair.

I am a firm believer in trying to do it myself first, there will always be time to call a professional if I mess it up (more).  However I don't do electrical/wiring work and I am a bit nervous about getting up on a ladder.

The internet has really opened up an unlimited source of inspiration and instruction for me.  I can not imaging how I would have learned to do so many things without "googling" it.  Thank you so much for coming to visit my little corner of the web, I hope you'll stay and look around.

Some of my favorite things are rick rack, pillow cases, squirrels, sugar skulls, monkeys, Halloween, chevrons, aprons and learning how to do new things from youtube videos.

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