Robes for Swim Lessons

Three weeks ago Little Miss, Little Sir, and Little Man started taking swimming lessons and I had big plans to make them all matching robes to wear after they got out of the pool. I had been wanting this robe pattern from Dana at Made ever since it came out and even though I knew it wouldn’t be big enough for Mr8 and Ms6 I still had to have it.
I altered the pattern to fit Little Miss and Little Sir by adding extra length in the sleeve cap and in the body. I could have also added width, but Little Sir is so slim I didn’t bother. The pattern went together smoothly, I did have a hard time matching the sleeves up to the bodies (even on the one I didn’t alter), but it may have been because the pattern shifted when I was cutting it. I ended up just cutting off the excess and every turned out fine. I would recommend that you use the alternate directions to attach the sleeve before sewing the side seam instead of setting them in.robes 1 Making my own bias tape turned into a big production for me. I have made bias tape before, but never on this scale. I used this bias tape tutorial so that I could sew everything first and cut it all to have one long piece (I also found the chart here (scroll down) helpful for knowing how much fabric to use to get the amount of bias binding I needed). It was all my fault, I didn’t have a large enough binding maker and I mis-measured the first round of tape and it was 1/2” to narrow. I ended up buying a larger binding maker and a clear ruler and that helped a lot. robes 2I did feel like this project to FOREVER and they only get to wear them for their final week of lessons. However, I do think they turned out super cute and we have already gotten a TON of compliments on them. We will also be taking more lessons this fall after school start, so they will get plenty of use and they will look super cute hanging in the bathroom too!


Friday [the 13th.] Favorites

ram skull papercut 6oz. STAR JAR // upcycled constellation nightlight
Primitive, Raw Owl- 12.5 x 12.5 inch Print of a Reproduction of the Original Mixed Media Painting Take Flight by Juliette Crane pleated cuffs wander
ancient goddess kali candle wrapper twisted silhouettes
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Have a super crafty weekend!


Snarky Magnets

Another project from my never ending list of fabulous crafts to try was snarky magnets on tin can lids. I even bought a new can opener to get the smooth edges and I have been saving lids for months. When I saw this quote going around Facebook I knew it was time to dig out the supplies and craft up my own version.100_7845I cut out everything and lightly glued down the words. Using a fine tipped pen, I outlined each word and then used Mod Podge to glue my collage to the lid and seal the paper. Once that dried I topped it with a layer of Dimensional Magic (from Mod Podge) to make it shiny and smooth (like resin, but water-based and not stinky). And finally, I added a magnet to the back and done! This was a quick little project that was really fun and art-y, I might soon cover my entire refrigerator with new magnets!
BTW, it says: “I feel a spree coming on. It’s either a shopping one or a killing one. The choice is totally up to you.”
Have a super crafty weekend!!!


Vintage Zinc Lid Pincushion Tutorial

I love using plastic bottle caps to make pincushions, so when I saw one made from a vintage zinc canning jar lid I knew I needed to make one to match my sewing machine set. I thought you might like to make one too, so I made this tutorial to share.zinc lid tute You’ll need:
  • vintage zinc lid
  • scrap fabric
  • fiber fill
  • a matching button
  • coordinating embroidery floss and needle
  • misc sewing toolszinc lid tute 1
I measured my lid and decided that a 4” circle would be the perfect size to cut my fabric (cut 2). zinc lid tute 2Sew right sides together, all the way around (yep, all the way, do not leave a space to turn the fabric).
Clip seam allowance all the way around. Carefully and cut a small clip between the edge and center on the back side of the circle. It needs to be large enough to turn the fabric through and stuff stuffing into.zinc lid tute 3Stuff generously, when you think that it’s full enough add another handful(notice the stuffing, it’s puffing out of the hole). This will make the pincushion nice and firm. It will also make the cushion fit perfectly into the lid.zinc lid tute 4Get your floss on your needle and make a large knot about 3” from the end. Make a stitch through the center of the cushion, pull as tight as possible and knot.zinc lid tute 5Use the floss to divide the cushion into sections(I made 8 sections), pull the floss tightly and tie off again, but do not cut thread.
Sew the decorative button to the center to cover all the stitches, knot tightly again, and trim threads.zinc lid tute 6Use glue (or not) and stuff cushion into lid, it will fit perfectly with the seam lining up with the top of the lid. Admire your new pincushion! If you make one using my tutorial, I’d love to see a picture, share a link with us.