Rock Doilies?

I guess that’s what I’ll call them…or rock cozies? rock nets? rock jackets? I’ve seen several versions of these, but always in white or cream (also more elaborate).100_7307I like black, not sure about the pattern I used (kind of plain), looks like I just shoved a rock into some fishnet stockings, so I’ll be trying something else on the other one.


Polymer Clay Skulls

I absolutely love these skull beads! I see them everywhere on Etsy and I have resisted buying them. It took me 10 minutes to find a seller that wasn’t in China!Skull Beads, 30 Pcs, Turquoise Beads, Howlite beads,  Day Of The Dead, Skulls
This week I discovered this stunning polymer clay sugar skull on Etsy and it hit me…I could make my own skull beads!!! These decorated skull are amazing!!!dia de los muertos - pendantIt was so easy and I have a TON of polymer clay. I think they turned out great.PC skull beadsI also made some chocolate bunnies (pinterest project), some art doll faces, and some cupcake charms/pins.PC misc stuffI’m not finished yet, I have to “frost” the rest of the cupcakes, paint the pink on the bunnies, and try embellishing some of the skulls. Now that everything is all out I have a lot of little things I want to try.


Friday Finds February

We had a great shopping day on Tuesday, on our first stop I found what I thought would be awesome paper dolls from the 60’s. The folders were wrapped in plastic, so I couldn’t see exactly what was inside. Sadly when I unwrapped them the Cinderella set was missing all the dolls and the Barbie set was missing most of the clothes, the folders are fun though and I can still use the pieces that I do have for crafting.paper dolls and tart tins On the right you can see the bag of 22 tart pans I scored, hearts, circles and diamonds. I can’t wait to start crafting with them!
We also found a vintage Lite-Brite, still in the box AND with some un-punched designs!!!lite-briteIt also seems to have all of the pegs, I have a great idea for this one, but I’m going to need some more pegs.
We were really lucky with furniture this time. This children’s dresser was just begging to be taken home. It was pretty dirty, in this picture I have cleaned the top two drawers.Child's dresserLittle Man is busy spinning the knobs, they are all loose and two are missing, but that is an easy fix. I’m not sure exactly where we will be using this, but it was too sweet to pass up.
Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of our best find, we have to get some help bringing it home. It is a beautiful 1940’s waterfall buffet. Hopefully we’ll get it brought home this weekend, I’ll share photos on Facebook when it gets here.
Have you found any treasures this month? I’d love to see them. Have a super crafty weekend!!!


The Lego Play Mat

We have a ton of Legos around here and that means that I end up stepping on one at least a couple times a week. Little Sir’s favorite place to play with Legos is in his bed. It is not unusual for him to wake up in the morning with a Lego print on his skin somewhere from the tiny Legos that have hidden in his blankets.
To solve (or probably just help it happen a little less) this problem I decided to make a Lego Play Mat using this tutorial from Make it Perfect. Not to be left out Little Miss asked for one too and I also made a few (four) for a friend. I used some specialty fabric for Little Miss and Little Sir and for my friend I used thrifted sheets.lego matThis is a simple project that most beginner sewers should be able to do, the instructions are very clear, and there plenty of pictures for reference. I would suggest that after cutting your first circle to place it’s right side facing the right side of the lining fabric. Then fold it up and set it aside until you’re ready to sew. It didn’t occur to me to do this until after I had cut out my 12 circles, which weren’t exactly perfect, and matching them up proved to be a bit tricky and some of the circles had to be trimmed. lego mat 2I am very excited to have the projects finished, I’ll be giving them to the kids after school I hope they’ll really like them and Yay, this is another Pinterest project!


Art Journal: Self Portrait

I was so inspired by the Chuck Close self portraits on For the Love of Art I knew that I HAD to make my own. I used my avatar photo for the self portrait part and have been doodling away in the squares whenever I have a few minutes. I have been doodling in pen (more zentangle-y?). self portrait B&W I can’t wait to start adding color. I’m not sure that I’m going to used colored pencils like Kristin suggested. I think that watercolor or markers would work better for me.
BTW, if you’re keeping track (I am) this is a pinterest project.


My Little Pony Jumpsuit Lounger

Or what I’ll call a custom Forever Lazy. I used McCalls 6475 and My Little Pony licensed fleece. Booties that Velcro on are included on this pattern, but I opted not to make those.
forever lazy 1 Everything went together smoothly in an evening. The instructions were very clear and the order of sewing things made everything easy. This would be a good beginner pattern because it is mostly straight sewing and fleece is so easy to work with, the most challenging part is installing the zipper and there are very clear instructions that include hand basting to make sure it’s in the right place and doesn’t slide around when you do sew it on with the machine.
The fabric yardage recommendations are pretty good with plenty of room to arrange and cut out the pieces. The yardage includes fabric for the jumpsuit and booties, since I didn’t make the booties I had enough fabric left over to make a drawstring bag.
I definitely recommend this pattern, I will be using it again. I think it would be great made out of cotton terry cloth. The pattern is available in children’s and adult sizes.