Halloween Gummy Kits

I am always in the Halloween isles of every store I go to and when I spotted these gummy brain and heart kits I knew that I wanted to give them a try.gummy kit 1I am glad I did, they were super easy, only use the microwave, and were ready very fast. All of that added up to a super kid friendly Halloween activity and the molds are reusable!gummy kit 2I sprayed the molds with cooking spray and the gummies popped right out. The only thing that I didn’t really like about these kits were the flavors, they weren’t exactly great, but they were edible and now I can make these gummies from Not So Idle Hands and reuse the molds. We’ve made home made gummies before and they really are good and easy. I guess the only thing I have to add is that home made gummies have more of a Jell-O flavor and not a gummy bear taste.
I had a short, unexpected blog vacation last week (did you miss me?), we have been enjoying fall so much and a lot of our time has been spent outside that I haven’t really been working on anything new craft wise. What I am currently working on is building stock for craft show season and you guys have seen these projects before. I have two weeks until my first show and I will be working on some new displays, I can’t wait to share them with you, if you want to see some of my inspiration check out my display pin board.


Back to Pop Tab Crochet

If you “like” me on Facebook, you’ll know I had a wonderful idea Wednesday night. It was a new design for a pop tab purse. I dropped everything to work on it, I was so excited.pop tabs round 5Ahem, this is the fifth attempt, right before I frogged it. Attempts one through four were not photographed. I am getting ready to start again, this time I think I really have it figured out. I always like to share my frustrations and failures, so you know that not every project turns out perfectly the first time or even exactly how I planned it. Look for more updates this weekend.
Have a super crafty weekend!!!


Thrifty Haunted Church

I love finding housewares to alter at the thrift store and when I saw this little light up church I knew that a good paint job would make it into a great Halloween decoration. I love how it’s labeled a church {(snort)}, because I really couldn’t tell (made in China).mini church beforeI painted it all black and then added some navy blue, burgundy, vintage gold, and dark green to high light some of the details. I also used some dimensional magic on the stain glass window panels to make them shiny like glass.mini church after  I think I need to add some glitter, everything is better with glitter, but otherwise I’m done and I have a one of a kind gothic decoration.


Inexpensive Mini Witch Hat Fascinator

I have been drooling over all of the stunning mini witch hats I’ve been seeing on etsy. I would LOVE to buy one, but it’s hard for me to justify spending a lot on something that I’m going to wear for an hour or two while the kids trick or treat. Today I’m going to share how I made my own inexpensive version (please note, the hats I am inspired by are a bit more advanced than this version).mini witch hat 3To make this project super easy you’ll need a base hat, I found mine in Hobby Lobby. mini witch hat 1 Check over by the safety eyes and dolls supplies, it’s a hat meant for a doll, Cost $2.99 (less if you use a coupon).
  • Doll sized felt witch hat
  • polyester satin, scrap
  • vintage buttons
  • a variety of other fabrics, scraps
  • water color paper and watercolor paint
  • a Sakura glaze pen
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • head band or elastic cord
  • coordinating ribbon
I made a variety of embellishments for my hat, I wanted a rich, layered look. mini witch hat 2 I made three fabric flowers (like these) from orange polyester satin, using vintage buttons for their centers. I used some metallic platinum colored fabric to make a gathered band, hand stitching it to gather it up.  I made a orange watercolor back ground, once it was dry I drew a design on it using the Sakura glaze pen and when that was dry, I washed over the whole thing with black watercolor for the center of a gather fabric rosette. I also picked a couple extra buttons to use.mini witch hat 5 Then I started hot gluing everything to the felt hat. The platinum band was glued first. I added a ribbon over the gathering stitches and the rosette with the paper center to cover the seams. The three fabric flowers were tucked in next to that and finally I added a ribbon bow and the extra buttons.mini witch hat 4 To finish I stitched the finished had to a head band. I really had fun making this project, I might have to make one or two more, they’re great for decorating too!
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