Crochet Chevron Cozy

I posted a teaser photo of the start of this cozy on the Facebook Page a week and a half ago and then vanished off the face of the Earth. Between Thanksgiving and the stomach flu (that the entire family had on different days) I have been offline a lot.zigzagbag and lining choices
The crochet part of the bag is finished, I used the Moon Water Clutch pattern from Lion Brand yarn as a starting point. The pattern is free, but you will have to register with them to see it. I used Hobby Lobby’s I love this yarn and an I hook to get the perfect size to hold a notebook or organizer. I love this design, fun and easy! When I filled in the chevrons on the inside top I used black yarn only, I thought that if I made any mistakes that a solid color would help hide them.zigzagbag
I love how it turned out, but is still needs a lining with some stiff interfacing to give is some structure and to make it easier to slide my organizer out without snagging the yarn. That’s where you come in, I need help deciding what fabric to line it with.  I have narrowed it down to four choices: Chartreuse polka dots with fuchsia flowers, orange batik, sugar skulls on black, and that giant floral print that I have used numerous times before. What would look the best? I’m dying to hear what you think.


Making Stamps from Tub Toys

Yesterday I shared a link to a video tutorial from Traci Bunkers on making your own stamps on my Facebook page, if you haven’t already, you should go and watch it now!
I decided to use some extra pieces from some tub toys and now I’m eyeing all the flip flops in the house. This is a very quick project - in about 15 minutes I had a nice selection of new stamps. I really like that you can redo any that don’t turn out or that you don’t like (notice there is not a robot stamp). I do think that you get a crisper image (which is what I like) using a firm and flat object that won’t slide around. I would love to have a knitted or crocheted stamp, but you would have to use a stiff cord or something besides yarn to get it to work.stamps from tub toysThe stamps are very realistic looking, my husband asked me how I got the prints to be 3-dimensional. It reminds me of photocopying things laid directly on the glass in black and white. My favorites are the buttons (of course), the washers, and the clothes pins. I can’t wait to make more of these. What would you use to make an interesting stamp?


The Craft Show Photos

I finally finished the roll of film in the disposable camera. I am really sad that I forgot my digital camera…the photos aren’t the best, but hopefully you’ll get an idea of how everything looked (it was at least 100% more awesome than the photos look). My table was in the gym with very little natural light and tons of florescent fixtures.R1-07288-024AMy Mom made the snowflakes and I really like how they looked on the front of the table.R1-07288-023AI got a ton of compliments on my displays. R1-07288-022A The most looked at/touched was the business card holding slinky. I also saw several people checking out the vintage spool sign holders.spools and slinky It was a large show for a small town, there were over 130 vendors and they had a crowd of 1500 shoppers. There was steady traffic all day, but it seemed like there was a lot more looking than buying. I did sell enough to cover my costs and a little extra, I also handed out a lot of cards. The main reason I do this show it this is my home town and where I went to high school (they started hosting this show when I was a freshman), it’s great to see everyone and help support the journalism department, who organizes the entire thing.


Vintage Pillowcase Edging

As I dug through my vintage sewing notion collection, looking for spools, I found this:crocheted rick rackYes, that is rick rack embellished with crochet! It is very dainty. I have no idea where it came from, but there are two of them which makes me think that they are pillowcase edgings. They have definitely been cut off of something (and not as carefully as they should have been). I did some internet searching and found this tutorial for rick rack edging and lace insertion and it seems to be this exact pattern, how lucky is that? I am definitely going to give this a try! Imagine red rick rack with white and/or turquoise crochet. I’m thinking fun colors would really modernize this design.
No, I haven’t forgotten to post pictures from this weekends show, I forgot my camera and I HAD to have pictures, so I bought a disposable camera. I need to finish the roll before I get it developed (doesn’t that take you back? remember when it took a week to get your pictures?). I now realize how spoiled I am by my digital camera and the instant results!


Friday Favorites

Still feeling a little spooky and mysterious, here are today’s selections.
kraken flask turquoise wire wrapped pendant octopi cupcake pendant
light spider vintage dolls Spell book
decoder card palmistry diagram witch BOO't tutorial
Big craft show is tomorrow, I will have pictures of my display on Monday and all remaining merchandise will be listed in my stores next week! Have a super crafty weekend!!!


Craft Show Display Plans

My first (and only) show this season is coming up on Saturday and I have been working on all new products and all new displays. I have decided that a beautiful display is very important and so this year I’m going all out! I have been collecting inspiration and today I’m going to show you exactly what I’m going to use.
1suitcase display 2burlap table cloth 3HatStandProject4
4Spools Final 5tomato cage display 6slinky3
  1. The suitcase display: I have a vintage round overnight case that is in excellent condition that will be used to hold my hair flowers and pins.
  2. The burlap table cloth: this one is available on etsy, with a lined top and ruffled cloth topper. I have 12 yards of burlap that is all cut and pressed and ready to be sewn up today during nap time.
  3. Coordinating hat stands and heads: I love these Mod Podged heads and stands. I will be unifying all my hat displays by using either flat black paint or craft paper decoupage.
  4. Spool Picture/card holders: I will be using these to hold some of my pricing signs.
  5. Tomato cage ornament tree: The simplicity of this idea should really make my ornaments pop. The blog is pure eye candy too, you should really check it out! I was lucky enough to borrow some cages from my Aunt. I’m thinking of wrapping the wires with silver fun fur to mimic tinsel.
  6. Slinky business card holder: It just looks cool and Target had metal slinkys in their “dollar spot” area.
I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am really excited. Look for photos of my booth next week!