My parents had a garage sale this weekend and when I stopped by to say hi I saw my old Spirograph and just had to have it.

Ah, the memories, I think this is where my love of colored pens comes from. Just thing of the color options of gel pens!!! This toy is well used, with some of the gears permanently ink stained from frequent use. It was fun to try out those well worn holes and remember sitting at the kitchen table for hours making tons of these things in red,blue, green and black.

I'm thinking a bracelet with shrinky dink Spirograph charms would be the perfect project or maybe just some simple note cards. If you have any good ideas, let me know, I'm not going to be satisfied until it wear the teeth off the gears.


Pam Hawk said...

Oh, I loved my spirograph, too. I think my mom still has it buried in a closet.

Shrinky dinks - what a great idea! And from almost the same era, too. I don't remember anyone putting those two together back then, but I love your idea. How about some kind of discs to link with jump rings for a necklace, bracelet and matching dangly earrings?

Fuse one to the side of a glass or coffee mug?

Drink coasters! That's a big honkin' sheet of shrinky to make that big of a dink, though.

Ooh. Upload your spirograph design to spreadshirt and print it on a shirt. Or print it on fabric at spoonflower. That would be spendy, but very cool.

I'd better stop now and calm myself down...

suburban prep said...

I won spirograph when I was five. I was on the local Bozo Circus and that was one of the things I received. I think that after going through 7 kids it saw the garbage a while ago.
I loved it though because I thought I was so artsy.

Anonymous said...

Spirograph was my absolute favorite toy growing up. Oh, the memories!