Nothing Crafty to Report

Hi everyone, just thought I would take a moment and let everyone know that I have nothing crafty to report.  This week our new house is being weatherized (Yay!), but it is absolute chaos here and there is no crafting taking place.  Our new home will be toasty warm this winter, but I have no projects to share.  This is my living room and dining room:nothing crafty 1You’ll notice that everything is pulled out from the walls and heaped up everywhere.  That table on the bottom right, (there’s a table under that basket) is where I normally do my crafting.

They have drilled holes in all the outer walls and blown in insulation made from recycled newspapers.

nothing crafty 2The holes are being patched and I will be retouching the paint in Little Miss’s room, I’m glad I haven’t gotten around to doing more painting.

They’ll be back again tomorrow fixing windows, putting in a new front door and adding some more insulation to our basement.  I’m hoping to have the house back to somewhat normal by next Monday.

The only semi-crafty thing I can report is that my Instant Cemetery was included in another Storque article, Yay again!!!

storque article 9-16-2009 cropI’ll be back next week and back to being crafty and I’ll be securely insulated!!! 

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