Large Crafty Storage Jars

I am always searching for free or no cost ways to store and organize my giant craft stash and my husband has found a great solution: extra large spice containers from his job (intuitional food service).  He brings home at least one of these a week, I remove the labels and wash them out and fill them up with all my crafty goodness.

large crafty spice rack They are perfect, rectangular with a built in handle, there is no wasted space!  I was using pickle jars, on the left, but they are round and hard to grab and they take up more space while holding the same amount.  Really the only draw back is that removing the smell from the container is impossible.  Most of them are garlic powder, but I do have a cinnamon and a pepper, I just need to make sure not to store anything in them that will absorb the smell.  I wonder if I made a little bag to hold baking soda or coffee beans if that would absorb the smell.  I’m still working on that idea, I would love to hear your suggestions for removing the smell.


refibered said...

Love the containers!

Newspaper may help. Just put a loosely waded up page in the jar. Keep the lid on it for a couple of days and then take it out.

Or charcoal. Or sunshine (that's in shorter supply this time of year!).

Hope you find something that works.


Tiffany (aka: mieljolie) said...

Great containers! Can never have too many containers. But, I've got my eye on the tabs and caps. ;)

I use those 5 qt ice cream tubs with the handles to hold my tabs. I can get my hands in them easy and they stack. But, it's LOT of ice cream!

I've heard vodka is good for removing smells. A 50/50 dilution of water in a spray bottle is supposed to rival febreeze for clothing.

Good luck with the stink!