The Jump Start Creativity Tour

The Jump Start Creativity Tour came to Lincoln and had a fun art making event. (Read about The Creativity Tour Here). jump start creativity tourWe made post cards(upper left) and mixed media booklets(center). Everything else it from the inspiration packet that Jess(from Seek Your Course) gave us at the end of the night. I added my other project to the tour sketchbook. It was a fabulous way to spend an evening!
Slightly related, this event was hosted by Signature Bindery/Porridge Papers and I spotted this lovely hand printed sketchbook(designed by Sarah Blacksher, L2 Design Collective) in the store and HAD to have it. create your own fortune notebook It’s printed with a gorgeous copper ink, I love the print so much I am thinking about taking the cover off and framing it.
The moral of this story is: get out and make art! and while you're at it support local artists!!!

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