I've been Tagged

I have officially been tagged by Lisa from Chimera Crochet!!!

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you

2. Post the rules on your blog (this is what you are now reading)

3. Write 6 random things about yourself (see below)

4. Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them (This is only a game)

5. Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog

6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up

Six Random Things About Me:

1. I like to go out into the middle of nowhere at night and watch for falling stars.

2. I am a hard core pack rat, my favorite things to hoard are crafting supplies (of course) and paper, like notes, lists, cards, and doodles.

3. Ultimately I would like to own a large, multi storied building and have the entire top floor as my studio, ooh and maybe a garden on the roof.

4. I like to take pictures of old abandon houses and cemeteries.

5. I like monkeys, squirrels, stars, and anything Halloween.

6. I would love to be covered in tattoos.

People I'm tagging:

1. Julie of http://www.julie-bird.com/

2. Christy of http://craftyconservative.blogspot.com/

3. Pam of http://passitonplatesblog.blogspot.com/

4. Kim of http://monacodesigns.blogspot.com/

I changed the rule a bit and only tagged four people, it seem as if everyone I wanted to tag seemed super busy with their own things and after all it is only a game!


Christy said...

Thanks for the tag. I did one of these not long ago with six things I do that help me find time to get my crafty stuff done.

1. My kids rarely wear pants. Think of the time saved every day!
2. I never make my bed.
3. I taught my kids how to make their own toast and chicken nuggets.
4. I never watch TV without a project.
5. I watch a lot of TV.
6. I have some kind of project going for almost every room of the house. That way I can always be working on something no matter where I am.

crafterella said...

I never thought of having my kids not wear pants (that's a great idea, not matching required)...we usually spend the weekend in our pj's if we don't go anywhere.

Pam Hawk said...

Oh I feel so popular this week!!
I will work on the tag asap, but first - I have something for you. Stop by my blog when you have a chance, ok?

Kimberly Monaco said...

hi! I've posted my 6 random things (and in the process, I discovered that I'm not that interesting!)


moalexander said...
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