Kitschy Kitchen

I have finished adding more Mod Podge to my silverware silk screen and the revised prints look a lot better.  Now I need to get the fabric printed.  I’m thinking that I will cut the fabric to size for the curtain panels, then print it, and then sew it.  This will make the fabric more manageable.  I have also decided that the curtains need rick rack and ball fringe.

In the meantime I have been dreaming about all the other things I want to have in my kitchen.  I need some super accessories, lots of red with pops of turquoise.  I need towels.  I have several red towels, they hang on the handle to my stove, but it seems like they spend more time on the floor and once they hit the floor, ewww, I need a fresh one.  So, I made a towel that won’t fall off.hanging dishtowel 1 I also made a towel ring to hang by my sink to hold a flour sack towel.  I just made a ring and crocheted around it until it was full, went around it with red and added a hanging loop.  My Mom embroiders towels and I know she used to have a pattern with dishes and silverware (because I have the ones she made in the 70’s) and there is a good chance she still has it (see this hoarding thing is inherited), I may have to request a new set. 

I used the Leftover Dishtowel pattern and added a turquoise stockinette stitched stripe and made the top hanging part of the towel in stockinette stitch also, hanging dishtowel detail I even remembered to reverse it so that it looked the same when folded over, yay me!  I want to make one with a zigzag next.  I’m really excited about decorating my kitchen, now I need to get some floating shelves and dig out my hanging pot rack, oh and finish those curtains!

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