The Perfect Kitchen Scrubbie

I am all about having the perfect tool for the job at hand and when I realized that my kitchen sponges just weren’t cutting it I decided to try making my own.

I need something that is abrasive, but safe for non stick cookware.  I also need something absorbent to wipe up messes.  I decided that a double sided sponge was just what I needed, nylon netting on one side (I bought a roll of tulle, but cutting your own is usually less expensive), cotton yarn on the other side, and maybe a sponge in the middle for good measure.scrubbie rectangleInteresting, I didn’t have a white or red sponge so I went with orange and I don’t like how it shows through.  It looks like it would work, but it is a little big and bulky.  I do like the texture on the tulle, looks like it would really scrub good. scrubbie roundTake two, lets go smaller and round, no sponge.  The size is better, but a little smaller would be perfect.  I doubled the cotton yarn to make up for the lack of sponge.  I like round better than rectangle, but the round netting part seems a little holey.  I guess I could cut a sponge round.

I’m going to be using these two scrubbies for a couple of weeks to see how they work and wear and decide if I need to give it another try.  I may just need to perfect the size and shape.

What is your favorite sponge/scrubbie to use in the kitchen?  Do you have any patterns you recommend?

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