Hexagon Pillow

My Mom is redecorating her living room, she is using shades of turquoise, brown, and tan.  I wanted to make her something fun that included all of the new colors she was using and I had been dying to try making some of these crochet hexagons.

I have no experience with granny squares, in fact I have never been all that interested in making them at all.  I think that the idea of sewing together hundreds of little squares to make an afghan is really unappealing.  Lucy’s tutorial is awesome, it includes instructions on how to crochet them together as you make them!  I had no idea that you could do that, I’m sure you guys knew all about it, but I was shocked.hexagon pillow Anyway, I started making hexagons last Wednesday and I just finished last night, I think that the sparkly yarn really makes this special (the darker turquoise has a hint silver, it’s hard to see in this photo).  I just kind of winged that pattern and I ended up having to fudge my way through two half hexagons.  There is a proper way to do it, but I couldn’t find any instructions online and I was ready to finish this pillow.

I think that my Mom will like it, now I kind of want to give these Christmas stockings a try and maybe some regular granny squares too.  What is your favorite granny square pattern?

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