Kokeshi Doll Tree Toppers

I have been finishing up some of my paper mache projects from last week.  My hat models have receive their second coat of paper mache and now are awaiting finishing and I added some paper mache clay details to some of the other pieces.paper mache kokeshi toppers 1I lightly sanded them to remove some of the larger bumps, primed them with gesso, and then started painting.  paper mache kokeshi toppers 2 I really love the metallic sequin black paint from Folk Art that I used to paint their hair, it is super shiny. paper mache kokeshi toppers 3Some kimonos and fancy painted flowers finish them off.  The lighting in here is terrible (sorry), but I promise, they are super adorable.  Now I need to decide which one I like the best and have a “professional” photo shoot to really show them off.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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