Sugar Skull Masks

For those of you that don’t know, Halloween is my wedding anniversary.  wedding pix When we got married, five years ago, we were dressed as skeletons(loved my hot pink veil).  This year, at the last minute I realized that I had skeleton costumes in everyone’s sizes.  The kids still wanted to be “characters” my brilliant idea was to make them “character” sugar skull masks.sugar skull family Little Sir got a clone trooper sugar skull and Little Miss was a Hello Kitty sugar skull.  I made more traditional ones for Robert and I and Little Man went bare (maybe I’ll make one and we can display all five).  This was a great, easy way to personalize plain costumes and avoid applying messy make-up.  They are made with glitter felt and puffy fabric paint, I whipped them up Saturday night.sugar skull family masks It will also be a wonderful memory of the five of us on our five year anniversary.


Jana said...

Very very cool!

marsspyder said...

Yay for Halloweddings! (Husbeast and I were married on Halloween last year) And your sugar skull masks are awesome!

Crafterella said...

Thanks guys :) I wanted to make our skeletons a little more personal and to have a great keepsake. I might have to make us new masks every year.