Making Stamps from Tub Toys

Yesterday I shared a link to a video tutorial from Traci Bunkers on making your own stamps on my Facebook page, if you haven’t already, you should go and watch it now!
I decided to use some extra pieces from some tub toys and now I’m eyeing all the flip flops in the house. This is a very quick project - in about 15 minutes I had a nice selection of new stamps. I really like that you can redo any that don’t turn out or that you don’t like (notice there is not a robot stamp). I do think that you get a crisper image (which is what I like) using a firm and flat object that won’t slide around. I would love to have a knitted or crocheted stamp, but you would have to use a stiff cord or something besides yarn to get it to work.stamps from tub toysThe stamps are very realistic looking, my husband asked me how I got the prints to be 3-dimensional. It reminds me of photocopying things laid directly on the glass in black and white. My favorites are the buttons (of course), the washers, and the clothes pins. I can’t wait to make more of these. What would you use to make an interesting stamp?

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