The Craft Show Photos

I finally finished the roll of film in the disposable camera. I am really sad that I forgot my digital camera…the photos aren’t the best, but hopefully you’ll get an idea of how everything looked (it was at least 100% more awesome than the photos look). My table was in the gym with very little natural light and tons of florescent fixtures.R1-07288-024AMy Mom made the snowflakes and I really like how they looked on the front of the table.R1-07288-023AI got a ton of compliments on my displays. R1-07288-022A The most looked at/touched was the business card holding slinky. I also saw several people checking out the vintage spool sign holders.spools and slinky It was a large show for a small town, there were over 130 vendors and they had a crowd of 1500 shoppers. There was steady traffic all day, but it seemed like there was a lot more looking than buying. I did sell enough to cover my costs and a little extra, I also handed out a lot of cards. The main reason I do this show it this is my home town and where I went to high school (they started hosting this show when I was a freshman), it’s great to see everyone and help support the journalism department, who organizes the entire thing.

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