Craft Show Display Plans

My first (and only) show this season is coming up on Saturday and I have been working on all new products and all new displays. I have decided that a beautiful display is very important and so this year I’m going all out! I have been collecting inspiration and today I’m going to show you exactly what I’m going to use.
1suitcase display 2burlap table cloth 3HatStandProject4
4Spools Final 5tomato cage display 6slinky3
  1. The suitcase display: I have a vintage round overnight case that is in excellent condition that will be used to hold my hair flowers and pins.
  2. The burlap table cloth: this one is available on etsy, with a lined top and ruffled cloth topper. I have 12 yards of burlap that is all cut and pressed and ready to be sewn up today during nap time.
  3. Coordinating hat stands and heads: I love these Mod Podged heads and stands. I will be unifying all my hat displays by using either flat black paint or craft paper decoupage.
  4. Spool Picture/card holders: I will be using these to hold some of my pricing signs.
  5. Tomato cage ornament tree: The simplicity of this idea should really make my ornaments pop. The blog is pure eye candy too, you should really check it out! I was lucky enough to borrow some cages from my Aunt. I’m thinking of wrapping the wires with silver fun fur to mimic tinsel.
  6. Slinky business card holder: It just looks cool and Target had metal slinkys in their “dollar spot” area.
I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but I am really excited. Look for photos of my booth next week!

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