Knitting Weather

I am so predictable, the minute it gets cold I have to have a new knitting project to work on. I am a big fan of The Jane Victoria patterns her unique style really makes her patterns appealing to me. Yesterday I cast on for The Silmarwen Súrion Hooded Cropped Mozzetta Pattern and have furiously knitted my way through the first 12 rows of 2x2 ribbing.hooded mozzetta startMy favorite thing about these patterns is the symmetrical shaping, I have knitted a lot of different patterns and hers are the only ones with this sort of perfect shaping. Usually I have to learn a new stitch, but it is completely worth it.
I do need to mention that I have had problems with her patterns: The Alassë Míriel Hooded Cowl Pattern turned out way too small (completely my fault for not checking gauge) and there were some sleeve sizing issues with The Enelya Linwëlin Sleeved Mantelet Pattern (once again, my fault for not checking the finished measurements) I am not alone in my challenges with these pattern, but the designer has listened and edited both of those patterns to make things clearer and help with sizing. I have learned to pay attention to measurements and gauge. The designer has also been quick to answer questions.
I have frogged the Mantelet, I will restart again someday. For now the yarn will be reused for this project. I love knitting in the round, it seems to go so fast and I don’t have to concentrate so hard.
Does anyone have a special knitting project started for the winter?

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