Glitter Ornaments (and 1 Wreath) with Friends

Today was a crafting with friends day at my house. We decided to make the glittered ornaments that are all over Pinterest. I had Future floor polish (instead of Mop and Glo) and plenty of clear ornaments and glitter.
glitter ornaments 1 This is serious crafting! As you can see Lisa (oobbles) had to be different and make a wreath like we made last year (minus yarn balls).glitter ornaments 2 The glitter ornaments are super fun and easy to make, we all wanted to rush out to get more ornaments and glitter.
glitter ornaments 4Here are some of the finished ornaments, Sheena’s on the left and Kashoan’s (kraftykash)on the right. We had good luck with every glitter we tried, but you do get the best coverage with super fine glitter. glitter ornaments 3 Here are mine all ready to be embellished further, I’m thinking monograms and snowflakes.
FYI there is a rainbow of glitter all over my house!


DeeDee said...

I bet that wreath is beautiful... and Hey.. I wanna craft with Sheena too.... love the pics.

Happy Holidays...

Crafterella said...

DeeDee :D well you better start driving! I'm taking advantage of her time off. I thought you were going to come visit this fall, maybe spring? we'll have a craft day then!