Less Pinning, More Doing

I love pinterest, but honestly it is a time sucker. I could waste the day away and while I am getting a lot of ideas and inspiration I’m not making anything.
This weekend I tried to do a little more making. Ribbon bookmarks.
bookmarksA lotion bottle cell phone charging caddy.
lotion bottle charging caddyAnd, my most favorite, giant buttons from domed cheese boards!
giant buttons finishedIf you look closely, you’ll see that the paint isn’t even dry. Believe me, this picture does NOT do them justice and they’ll look even better once I add the string and get them hung up! I am on the hunt for more domed cheese boards, I NEED a large collection of these for the craft room walls.
You may have seen this one on the Facebook page: I also started cutting out and sorting letters, eyes, lips, and textures for visual journaling, I’m calling it a ransom note kit.
ransome note tool boxI have a huge board of journaling ideas pinned, now to start doing. It will be nice to have this ready to go.
I will be marking the pins I have done with a * at the beginning of the text. I want to make sure that I am really doing and not just wishing the hours away.
Have you been making things from your pinterest boards? I'd love to hear about it, share some links in the comments :)

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DeeDee said...

You go.. I love the things you have done... I to am so inspired.. I have others pinning to my board to so I have done several things .. try the aprons from the mens shirts... they are super easy and so great when freinds are over to craft so they dont get messy... I am soon to make the hand lotion phone deal...I am hooked on Pinterest...