The Lego Play Mat

We have a ton of Legos around here and that means that I end up stepping on one at least a couple times a week. Little Sir’s favorite place to play with Legos is in his bed. It is not unusual for him to wake up in the morning with a Lego print on his skin somewhere from the tiny Legos that have hidden in his blankets.
To solve (or probably just help it happen a little less) this problem I decided to make a Lego Play Mat using this tutorial from Make it Perfect. Not to be left out Little Miss asked for one too and I also made a few (four) for a friend. I used some specialty fabric for Little Miss and Little Sir and for my friend I used thrifted sheets.lego matThis is a simple project that most beginner sewers should be able to do, the instructions are very clear, and there plenty of pictures for reference. I would suggest that after cutting your first circle to place it’s right side facing the right side of the lining fabric. Then fold it up and set it aside until you’re ready to sew. It didn’t occur to me to do this until after I had cut out my 12 circles, which weren’t exactly perfect, and matching them up proved to be a bit tricky and some of the circles had to be trimmed. lego mat 2I am very excited to have the projects finished, I’ll be giving them to the kids after school I hope they’ll really like them and Yay, this is another Pinterest project!

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Beth said...

I am going to try this. We always have legos around the house. Thanks.