Pasta Jar Lanterns

I love the look of Moroccan lanterns, but I have yet to find any in my price range and they aren’t really the sort of thing you see at a yard sale in Nebraska. When I saw these lanterns on DesignSponge I envisioned a backyard filled with them!pasta jar lanterns 1I had plenty of jars on hand (yay, recycling!) and I decided to try some different paints. I picked gold and black puffy paint and I also got some liquid leading. For the glass tint I used stuff I had from a kit in iridescent purple, PermEnamel in rooster red, and PermEnamel Shimmers in blue ice. My tips for this project are:
  • Be generous with the puffy paint, the jars that have a thick coat of paint look the best.
  • You can use a sharpie to evenly divide your jar and make guide lines to follow (any mistakes or lines that show can be cleaned up with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip).
  • Use a sponge brush to apply the glass paint on the inside of the jars and don’t use too much, it will run and look bad (see the blue jar).
  • If the color on the inside isn’t dark enough or is uneven another coat of glass paint will help.
  • any brand names embossed in the glass can be easily hidden with the puffy, plan your pattern accordingly.pasta jar lanterns 2
I am very pleased with the results, I like the pattern of the gold jar the best and the blue glaze the best. I was not really impressed with the liquid leading (I do still like the jar), it was hard to squeeze out of the bottle and it is a gray color when dry.
This was the test, seriously I want a large collection of these for my back yard. I have a large selection of different sized jars and now I need to get some more of the shimmers glass paint and some sponge brushes. I am anxious to see if the paint will peel off the jars after being out in the elements.
I’m curious, do you use candles outside a lot or is it more of something that is just for show? What kind of out door decorations do you have in your yards?


mieljolie said...

Those are really neat! So colorful! I want to make some colorful lanterns for a camping trip, but trying to determine the best way to go about it, since I need to transport them. I'm thinking I'll stick to LED lights. Perhaps I could put them in plastic jars!

Thanks for the inspiring ideas!

Crafterella said...

Oh, that gives me and idea! Let me see if I can come up with something, I once saw someone make a camping lantern with a peanut butter jar...if it comes out cute we'll have to do another swap ;D