Embroidery + Buttons

Finally, this has been on the to-do list for a while. An embroidered button display for those special buttons, to showcase them more than just with the common buttons in a jar.
Still a WIP, my embroidery style is definitely folks-y, but I’m okay with that, I think it looks great with these vintage red buttons.embroidered button displayI was heavily inspired by this post on doe-c-doe I wanted more of a sampler look. I used a circle template to trace four differently sized circles onto my fabric (I know they look a little wonky, I hope to fix that when everything is properly stretched) and I embroidered each size with a different stitch. The stitches used were the split stitch, the chain stitch, the fly stitch and the palestrina stitch (here's a great stitch resource).
I need to sew the buttons in place and finish the back of this piece, it will remain in this hoop. I could see having a wall of these in different colors.
*Also, bonus points for using an embroidery hoop from my stash of what seems like a thousand!

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Cody said...

I love the hoop art, that is totally radical!