End of the School Year Crazies!

Wow, there has been a lot going on, I’m going to blame it on the end of the school year and my mad rush to do EVERYTHING before the kids get out of school.
First, we have adopted another cat. Our kitty, Kiki, has seemed lonely since the loss of our other cats (we have lost 3 in the past 5 years to old age) and we felt it was time to get him a new companion, they are still adjusting to each other with supervised time, but I think eventually they will be best friends. We have also (finally) got our fish tank up and running and have welcomed Bubble, Goink, Rex, Stabby, Mysterio, The Collective(of 3), and Zoidberg. They have been great fun to watch.
Second, I have been madly knitting baby hats in preparation for professional photos to be taken, I can’t wait to share the finished results.
Third, starting in June I will have booth space in a local vintage store. That is where all of these fabulous button projects will be available. I have been watching the X-Files on Netflix and embroidering hoops.button hoopsI have also been crocheting these garlands:button garland finishedI used my foam marshmallow button stamps (using this technique) to make the custom display cards. I also have been hitting every yard sale I see and I have found some fabulous stuff!!!
Fourth, working in the yard, there is so much to be done. We are having a privacy fence installed very soon and I am hoping to spend a ton of time in the back yard this summer, but now we must do prep work, removing bushes, relocating flowers, and picking up all the fallen sticks (nine bundles so far).
And fifth, random life stuff - appointments, meetings, and haircuts. We won’t even discuss cleaning, there has been very little time for that.
Tomorrow is the last day of school for Little Miss and Little Sir, I can’t wait, there is so much fun stuff for us to do. This summer vacation is going to be GREAT!!!
Do you find yourself spending less time on the computer when the weather is nicer or is it just me?

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