Snarky Magnets

Another project from my never ending list of fabulous crafts to try was snarky magnets on tin can lids. I even bought a new can opener to get the smooth edges and I have been saving lids for months. When I saw this quote going around Facebook I knew it was time to dig out the supplies and craft up my own version.100_7845I cut out everything and lightly glued down the words. Using a fine tipped pen, I outlined each word and then used Mod Podge to glue my collage to the lid and seal the paper. Once that dried I topped it with a layer of Dimensional Magic (from Mod Podge) to make it shiny and smooth (like resin, but water-based and not stinky). And finally, I added a magnet to the back and done! This was a quick little project that was really fun and art-y, I might soon cover my entire refrigerator with new magnets!
BTW, it says: “I feel a spree coming on. It’s either a shopping one or a killing one. The choice is totally up to you.”
Have a super crafty weekend!!!


BAP said...

really like this project! Do you need to do anything to finish off the lid edges? I've never used any of the materials you mention so am not really sure how to apply the image to the can lid. And also wondering where you get your images?

Crafterella said...

Thanks! Here's the answers to your questions:

I don't do anything to the edges, the special can opener I have makes them smooth.

Mod Podge is basically just a glue. I brush it onto the lid and then onto the image and stick it all together :)

The dimensional magic is in a squeeze bottle and you add a generous layer over the image and let it dry for 24 hours. It goes on cloudy and dries crystal clear.

and finally, I have a large collection of vintage magazines and I get a lot of images from those.