Vintage Zinc Lid Pincushion Tutorial

I love using plastic bottle caps to make pincushions, so when I saw one made from a vintage zinc canning jar lid I knew I needed to make one to match my sewing machine set. I thought you might like to make one too, so I made this tutorial to share.zinc lid tute You’ll need:
  • vintage zinc lid
  • scrap fabric
  • fiber fill
  • a matching button
  • coordinating embroidery floss and needle
  • misc sewing toolszinc lid tute 1
I measured my lid and decided that a 4” circle would be the perfect size to cut my fabric (cut 2). zinc lid tute 2Sew right sides together, all the way around (yep, all the way, do not leave a space to turn the fabric).
Clip seam allowance all the way around. Carefully and cut a small clip between the edge and center on the back side of the circle. It needs to be large enough to turn the fabric through and stuff stuffing into.zinc lid tute 3Stuff generously, when you think that it’s full enough add another handful(notice the stuffing, it’s puffing out of the hole). This will make the pincushion nice and firm. It will also make the cushion fit perfectly into the lid.zinc lid tute 4Get your floss on your needle and make a large knot about 3” from the end. Make a stitch through the center of the cushion, pull as tight as possible and knot.zinc lid tute 5Use the floss to divide the cushion into sections(I made 8 sections), pull the floss tightly and tie off again, but do not cut thread.
Sew the decorative button to the center to cover all the stitches, knot tightly again, and trim threads.zinc lid tute 6Use glue (or not) and stuff cushion into lid, it will fit perfectly with the seam lining up with the top of the lid. Admire your new pincushion! If you make one using my tutorial, I’d love to see a picture, share a link with us.

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