Art Supply Caddy

First let me state that I am definitely not above dumpster diving or picking stuff off the curb. Before Christmas I just happened to notice this wine carrier sitting on top of the trash in my dumpster and knew immediately what I could do with it.
All it needed was a bit of black paint to cover the words and some disposable cups. I present the portable kids art supply caddy.

This was a nice quickie project that made our art cart a bit more tidy and a nice home for all those brushes, markers, scissors, and glue. I think it should hold up well, the cups can be replaced if they get stained or broken and if the carrier itself gets a bit worn I can repaint or decoupage it back to new. I could use a couple more of these, but I don't drink wine maybe someone will throw another one out!

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Chimera Crochet said...

Things that wine come in must be the most best thing for craft supplies! I have the majority of my yarn stored in wine shipping boxes!