Purple Filigree Donut and Other Pendants

I spent last night sanding and buffing the pendants I showed you yesterday.I love how this balinese filigree donut turned out and I am already planning to make more, I just need to decide what colors to use. I normally just loop cord through these and add some clasps, but for this one I'll be gluing a silver bail to the back, I didn't want any of the filigree to be covered by cording.
Here's a better shot of the bullseye and marbled sets. I was thinking of putting the heart and the rectangles together into one necklace, but I think they will look better separately.
I used my new embossing sheets to make the pink ones. I really like the effect of the lacy pattern and the pearl clay really accents the pattern, but the design seems kind of large for these pieces, it would probably look nicer on a tin (Maybe it's just me). This was a fun little project that kept me busy for a day and it was nice to try some new techniques, I even managed to sand up a couple of new pieces for my etsy store.


Kolika C. said...

could you please also add a "how to" on the filligri pendants... I love the purple one... :) how much is it?

crafterella said...

Kolika, I may do a how to in the future. The purple filigree pendant was sent for a swap with all the other jewelry in this post :), but I have a fuchsia one availble in my etsy store ($20.00), I also take custom orders, email me, crafterella(at!)hotmail.com