Recycled Jeans Apron

I love aprons and while wondering around the internet I found this (snoop around this blog and you'll find more apron tutes). Just what I needed a sturdy, crafty apron.

I also needed to use that Alexander Henry fabric, I have a bad habit of buying quality fabric and then being afraid to cut it.
Here's a close up of the appliques and the scissor loop. I like it so far, but I think it needs something...sequins, embroidery, or maybe some of that pom-pom fringe. I'll have to check out the trims next time I go to the fabric store.


Debra said...

That looks great!!!! Love the skulls. I also hate cutting into new fabrics.

Sienna Starfish said...

I love that apron...so cute.

I might have a try at making something like it myself.

Thanks for sharing it!

Kudzu said...

ahh.....maybe my daughter will be inspired by yours! love the sugar skulls and the recycled jeans...good idea to have a loop for scissors!