Creativity Drain

I really want to sew something, I also have a new project that I am dying to start.  I need space and the dining room table is not going to cut it anymore!  I’m all worked up and ready to craft and this is my craft room!craftroom before

Ugh, I no longer feel creative, the urge to craft is gone.  I have slowly been trying to get unpacked, but it is taking forever.

I have managed to clear some floor space and in an emergency I could set up the sewing machine, but don’t ask me where the ironing board is.craftroom during

But it still doesn’t inspire me to create anything, sigh…

I think I’ll order a pizza for dinner and see if I can accomplish a bit more unpacking.  I keep telling myself that I have to get it set up soon, there is a lot of crafting to do for the new house.


Pam said...

Ugh. I hear ya. I wish I could send some unpacking/organizing energy your way, but I don't have any for my own sewing area right now.

(I usually think a trip to Ikea.com will help, but then I just feel worse...)

Good luck! Can we see your space when you've got it up and running? For inspiration, of course? :o)

Sienna Starfish said...

I sympathise entirely!

I have been in the same position (without my sewing room) for 15 months and its driving me nuts. Finally a couple of months ago I gave up and commandeered the kitchen table permanently. We just eat around my stuff. Not ideal but better than not sewing!

Would love to see your space when it's sorted out.