I Made Tye Dyed Yarn

When I was at the Goodwill last week I found the most striking tye dyed shirt, it was fuchsia and lime green!  I knew that I just had to have it to make some t-shirt yarn.naptimeDuring nap time I started cutting my yarn, I worked very hard to use almost every last bit.t-shirt scrapsI ended up with a 198 gram ball.  I was so excited to start knitting that I forgot to take a picture of the ball, it was really pretty.  I had originally thought that I would make another washcloth or two, but at the last minute I decided to make a drop stitch scarf.t-shirt scarfIt is definitely bright, I really like this color combo.  The fabric is warm and surprisingly heavy, I sure it will be super warm.  My only regret it that I wish it was longer, but I always say that!

I need more tye dyed shirts, I haven’t seen many since I started wanting them, what’s up with that?  I would love to make some sort of rug out of them.  I’ll have to decide what color family to use and then stock up on $.99 day or I could just get all white/light colors and tye dye them myself.

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Tiffany (aka: mieljolie, newbiehere) said...

Great idea! I wove some t-shirt yarn into one of my can tab hats. Worked really well.

I don't see many tie- dyed t-shirts these days, either. You could also bleach colored t-shirts and add new colors to it. Just tie it up like normal and spritz with diluted bleach. Bleached many shirts and pairs of jeans back in the day. :)