Paint Chip Matchbook Notepads

As I was browsing OnePrettyThing I found these super cute notepads from paint chips and I just had to whip up my own.

paint chip match book notebooks

The tutorial is on Craft Leftovers and I really like the idea of using paint chips, so cute and colorful.  My “chips” only had four sample colors so I had to eyeball where to score them, but they turned out fine.  I did use the brad to secure the paper, but I doubt that I will actually refill these when I use all the paper (but I promise to recycle them).  The next batch will be stapled, I think I’ll make some using those wider paint chips…do you think I’ll get busted taking paint chips from every store I go to? 

Would it be something like, “Ma’am, you’ve been here several times shoving paint samples in you purse like crazy, but you’ve never bought any paint, I’m going to have to ask you to return those samples or buy some paint.” 

Me, “I thought these were free and I’m going to paint eventually I just need to make absolutely sure I have the right color.”

“Ma’am exactly what color are you looking for, you seem to have about one of every sample we carry, perhaps if you could pick a color I could help you narrow it down.”

Me, “The lighting here is just so much different I have to have a selection of everything, the colors really change when I get home.”

Or maybe I would just buy a gallon out of guilt for repurposing paint chips…I’ll tweet if I get detained (follow me just in case) or am banned from any stores.


Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Lol! I would die of laughter if you got detained for craft. That would be the ultimate crafty sacrifice!! The matchbooks are so cute- I can see how you could get addicted to making them :-)

Tiffany (aka: mieljolie, newbiehere) said...

That is hilarious! Very cute project, too!

Reminds me of the basket of paint sticks sitting out in our local store where we helped ourselves to a couple every once and awhile for a project. I don't feel the least bit guilty or ashamed, though. We've bought our fair share of paint there, and I can't count how many time I wind up using a perfectly good screwdriver to stir with 'cuz I forgot to grab the darn stick!


Tiffany (aka: mieljolie, newbiehere) said...

Hey, why not ask the stores what they do with their discontinued paint chips and displays. I'm sure they dicontinue specific colors frequently.

You used to be able to get discontinued wallpaper sample books for free. THose were fun to craft with! But, I saw the other day that one of the home improvement stores were actually selling them! Geez :)


crafterella said...

Tiffany, It seems like everything that used to be free is for sale ( they charge for out dated pattern books too), I'll just keep taking them, I always buying something, I'm not just going for the samples. It also seems like a lot of stores have to destroy(trash) discontinued items as opposed to giving to crafters or even charitable organizations that could use them.

Anonymous said...

Was just browsing google for something else entirely when I stumbled across this old blog post of yours, linking to my (even older) tutorial over at the awesome Craft Leftovers blog. Just wanted to let you know that your post entertained me greatly & that your notebooks look far neater than mine ever did! Also, I have not yet been arrested for collecting paint chips; however, reading this post has reignited the desire to collect some more... Great blog, by the way! :)