Costumed Kokeshi Dolls

I have been seeing cute Kokeshi dolls all over etsy and I had an idea, costumed Kokeshi dolls!!! This is super easy and quick.

kokeshi dolls 1

You’ll need:

Wooden doll blanks, I found mine at Hobby Lobby Man sized(7/8” x 2 5/16”) and Boy sized (5/8” x 1 11/16”)

Acrylic craft paint, I used red, black, and white

Polymer clay for added embellishment (paper clay would work too)



Acrylic Sealer (optional)

Start by painting your doll blanks the main color, for my dolls I made four solid black and two red.kokeshi dolls 2 Skeleton Doll - Using white I just free handed a basic/simple skeleton shape. I did paint the skull solid white and when that was dry I went back and repainted the eyes, nose, and mouth black.kokeshi dolls 3Day of the Dead Doll – I painted the face solid white and the went back and add the eyes, nose, and mouth with black. Once the black dried I went back with red paint and added the face paint. I added a red triangular shawl with fringe to the upper portion of the body.kokeshi dolls 4Devil – I painted the face white and then added eyes and a mouth in black. I also painted the outline of a tail on the back side of the devil and a pitch fork on the front. Using polymer clay I made a set of horns (baked according to package directions) and glued them in place.

After the paint has thoroughly dried you can seal you Kokeshi dolls with acrylic sealer. You could also drill a hole in the top and insert an eye screw to make these into ornaments. These would also make great party favors or little gifts.

I think I’m going to make a whole set of these illustrating my families Halloween costumes this year, now I just need to figure out how to paint a Star Wars clone trooper Kokeshi!


Margot Potter said...

These are awesome! I'd love to add a screw top bail and make them into jewelry!


Mel C said...

Really adorable! I love the little skeletons!

BrendaPinnick said...

How fun!!! I just love these and what a clever idea!

That Crazy Ajumma said...

These are the best Kokeshi dolls I have ever seen!
The skeleton is my fave!

Gloria said...

OMG, these are so adorable!! These would make awesome little party favors or "treats"!! Thanks for the idea!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

These are DARLING! I love the little costumes. Thanks so much for sharing your process, I'll be linking to this.

Inspired at Home said...

Love the little devil! Thanks for sharing!