Kitty Bed from an Old Sweater

As some of you know I have an elderly cat who has been a little sick lately. My cat Pookie had a severe ear infection and seems to be permanently dizzy, the vet thinks she may have even had a small stroke. She is also slowly loosing her vision. I have had to put up a baby gate to keep her from going upstairs because she has fallen down them and she is no longer able to get up on the furniture and so she has been sleeping on the bare wood floor.

I decided she needed a cat bed, she has had one before and was not impressed, so I didn’t want to invest a ton of money in something that many not be used. I found this tutorial that used an old sweater and decided it was perfect. My sweater is 100% cotton(I got this on in the last Bargain Hunter Swap on Craftster) and I think it turned out great, wool sweaters are getting hard to find in thrift stores because all of the crafting uses.sweater bedIt was easy to shape the sweater into a bed. I did have to hand sew the sleeves in position, but I was able to sew the rest on the sewing machine. Mine ended up a little different because my sweater had a “V” neck, but it still worked.

The real test was getting Pookie to use it. When I first showed it to her she was unimpressed, but my other cat Kiki figured out what it was right away.

sweater bed KikiOnce Pookie saw Kiki using and figured out what it was for she went right into it. She really likes it and only gets out of it to eat and use the litter box.

sweater bed PookieI’m glad she likes it and I have a few more old sweaters, so I may make a couple more. I highly recommend this tutorial, it really makes a cute bed and it was easy and quick.


Grandma Susan Quilts said...

Hi just posted this item on my blog The Quilting Attic/Grandma Susan Quilts @ http://quiltingsavvy.blogspot.com/2009/11/crafterella-kitty-bed-from-old-sweater.html

Very cute and eco-friendly project.

Christina said...

I just had to add this to my blog as well. I plan to make a few of these for our dogs. I liked yours better than the tutorial though.
Just my opinion.

God bless,