Nightmare Before Christmas Fan Art

I have recently made two separate Nightmare Before Christmas projects.  First was the set of polymer clay ornament, featuring the many looks of Jack Skellington.  Here they are before baking.

NBC ornaments before bakingI printed out my inspiration, divided my clay into 12 equally sized balls and started shaping.  I decided to add wire loops before baking, so I wouldn’t have to drill and glue them in later.  I used chain nosed pliers to make loops and then left about an inch long tail that I wrapped around a paint brush, it looked like a corkscrew with a loop on the end.  And then I just screwed them into the soft clay, believe me, these loops aren’t coming out!

I baked them according to the package directions, base coated them with white spray paint, and then painted them with acrylic craft paint.  I finished them by dipping them into triple thick glaze and letting them hang dry.  I had to wipe the drips on them for a few minutes, but it was worth it for the super shiny finish.

NBC ornaments finishedI also made a bottle cap charm bracelet using images from the movie.  I did a google image search and then picked out several images to use.  The key to getting the image the perfect size is using a 1” hole punch.  I then glued the images inside the bottle caps and coated the tops with diamond glaze.  The diamond glaze gives a resin like finish without the chemicals and toxic smell, but it is not as durable as resin.

I was even lucky enough to find some Tim Burton styled focal beads.  It is definitely a chunky bracelet, but that what I love about charm bracelets.

NBC bottlecap charm bracelel

I need some more Diamond Glaze now, looks like I’ll have to head to Ben Franklins, the only store in town that carries it!  Halloween is fast approaching, get to crafting!


Tiffany (aka: mieljolie) said...

Those Jack faces are fantastic! If I may ask, what is the scale? I couldn't tell from the pics. Are they heavy?

Your bracelet is lovely, too! The images are perfect. Great job as usual.

When you mentioned Ben Franklin, I just had found flashbacks of childhood at home. We had one downtown that we bought all our supplies from. Probably the place that got me started in crafting. That is until Wal-mart , then Hobby Lobby, came to town and put them out of business. I miss that place! Good to hear they are still around.


Crafterella said...

Tiffany, they are small about 1" - 1 1/2" across, the box they are in is a long necklace box.
The little town I'm originally from had a Ben Franklin's too, but Walmart took care of that! They have the regular store here and then one that is all scrapbooking/paper craft stuff, it's great, they have a lot of unusual supplies that the "big" stores don't carry.

BellasSweetBoutique said...

Wow - you are so crafty Crafterella!!!

Tiffany (aka: mieljolie) said...

Ahh, I guess that doesn't make the ornaments too heavy. My sister has tried wrapping clay over aluminum foil balls, but experienced random cracking from time to time. I don't think she wraps the balls tight enough to prevent air inside.

I'm glad BF found a niche to keep them going.