Paper Mache Wrap Up

I coated my paper mache with some light weight joint compound, which probably wasn’t the best idea.  The moisture leached into the paper mache and weakened it, but I’m still using them.

paper mache 3They kind of look like I frosted them.  It took and entire day for them to dry and this morning I sanded them smooth.  I used black gesso to paint/prime them.  I will need to go back and do some touching up and finish the bottoms, but I wanted to share this today.

paper mache 4I really like how these turned out, I wish I had more time to work on them, but I need them to be ready for tomorrow to display my hats.paper mache 5

I had wanted to paint faces on them, but now I’m glad I just went with plain black, my table cloth is also black and I think that it will really make my hats pop!

It’s time for me to start loading up the car, have a great weekend everyone!


Jennifer @ The Craft House said...

So that is what they are for! I never would have guessed. XD

Good luck selling! :)

refibered said...

They look super cool! I really like the black paint. Did you get a picture of your set up?

Crafterella said...

Kelly, I took the camera, but forgot to take a picture of my booth, duh! Hopefully I'll get one at the next show. Everyone really liked my hat stands. I also ended up coating them with some matte mod podge, it really gave them a finished look.