Current Events and Paper Mache

It has been a long week and unfortunately it started off on a sad note.  Pookie’s (my cats) health started rapidly declining this weekend and on Monday I said my final goodbye.  She was my companion for over fifteen years.

Pookie and Kiki in the sweater bed Here she is, on the right, with my other cat Kiki in their recycled sweater bed.

I have also been preparing for the 19th. Annual Frost Frolic Holiday Market in exciting Fairbury, Nebraska, my home town.  Working on some new ideas on how to display my work, (more on that next week) and finishing up some last minute projects.

Here is what I just started working on last night.

paper mache 1Here is my base, balloons and cardboard tubes.  I then broke out the paper mache and went to work.

Paper mache 2  I didn’t finish the sixth one, I just ran out of steam, besides odd numbers of things look more visually pleasing, right?  They have dried nicely and are pretty stiff.  I think I’m going to give them a coat of spackle to smooth them out and maybe after my Lincoln Handmade Team meeting tonight I can start painting them.  Can you guess what they are going to be?


Angie Neil said...

I can't guess - but it's looking cool so far.

Won't the balloons pop?

What type of mixture did you use?

Crafterella said...

If the balloons pop it's okay, the paper mache will hold its shape, I used several layers and a super strong mixture of flour(3 c.), salt(2Tbs.), water(3 c.), and wood glue(1/4 c.) to add some extra stiffness. I am also adding a layer of spackle over the paper mache to make it smooth for painting.
I'm hoping to post the finished results tomorrow.

Jennifer @ The Craft House said...

I am sorry about Pookie. :( We are getting ready to put our 13 year old cat down. His health is failing as well.

I can't guess what those are going to be, I have no clue!

refibered said...

They look super cool! Are they for displaying hats?

Definitely like the odd-number-of-items. I also really like your height variation.

Fairy Bread said...

I'm hopeless at guessing but I hope they turn out beuatifully whatever they are.

I'm sorry to hear about Pookie. It's so sad to lose a loved member of the family. I'm sending big hugs your way.

Thankyou for sharing where you live. I just had a look on google and it looks like a lovely place. You're so lucky! Every where in America seems so far away and exciting to us Aussies!