And Now A Little Girly Set: In Progress

Yes, I bought another new knitting pattern, I am justifying it by saying that it is multi-sized and I can make one for every girl I know, if I want to.  Really, I have been admiring it for a while and I just really needed a super cute little girl hat to knit for baby gifts.  The Bow-licious Babe hat from Connie Haney was just too cute to resist.

baby hat and mary janes 1

The bow just makes this pattern, which is simple, but adorable.  The pattern is easy to understand and uses basic knitting skills and easily found yarn, all pluses.  It is also sized for newborns to adults making it super easy to make one for every female you know.  The only thing that I did differently was picking up the bound on edge and knitting it together with the hat (like in the little skater hat pattern) so I would not have to sew it up later.  The really awesome thing about this hat is that the bow is removable, just think of all the possibilities:  a bow in every color, ribbon bows, hair clips or giant flowers all can be easily attached where the bow goes!

Also pictured is bootie number one from the Saartje’s Bootees pattern (pattern link on right side bar).  This bootie pattern it a bit more advanced, but do-able by most knitters.  It work up quickly using all garter stitch and I think it is a great compliment to the Bow-licious hat.

baby setsHere are my two sets.  I really think that skater hat is just to big for the booties.  I think I will make a masculine version of the bow-licious hat, I think it’s size is perfect for a newborn.  The skater hat will be grown into later.

I am really enjoying knitting little baby things, I’m even thinking about making a little sweater.  I guess it’s time to go a make bootie number two, have a great weekend.


refibered said...

Really cute! Love the pink bow w/ the brown hat. It does work up fast....you just started that Thursday night, right?!

Crafterella said...

Yes, I started it at the meeting Thursday and had the whole hat finished before I went to bed that night, I only had to make the bow the next day. I knit while watching TV so it goes really fast, especially with something so tiny!

Ashley said...

Those are adorable. I hope you put them on etsy because i just love them both. Your color choices are beautiful.

Crafterella said...

Thank you Ashley, these won't be on etsy, the girl set is for my cousin (she just had her baby Friday) and the boy set is for me. I also have several other friends and family members that are expecting this year and I imagine that I will be pretty busy making little baby things for them too!

Ashley said...

Oh. Congratulations to your cousin! Does this mean congratulations for you too?

I'm sure your family will love all the lovely little things you make for them. :)

Crafterella said...

Yes, we are expecting a boy in April, so I imagine that I will be making more little baby things in the next few months that are just for us.
I'm sending my cousin's set out tomorrow, her baby is super tiny, but very healthy, so I'm not sure these little things will fit her for a while, but they will eventually.

ashdiaden said...

:-D Congratulations!