Procrastination Knitting

I have seen the signs and it seems that I may be knitting to avoid my other crafty pursuits.  I have several projects waiting to be started and finished, including some new supplies that I just bought yesterday.  These are projects that I really want to do, but yet I am putting them off to knit.

What I have accomplished is this: two hats and matching booties for a relatives new baby,baby hat and mary janes 2a smaller hat to go will the little button loafers,baby hat and loafers 3 and I am half way finished with a manly yet luxurious (silk and bamboo yarn) scarf for my father in law as a belated holiday gift.pine cone scarfI’m going to assume that my sinus cold/infection is causing me to be a bit lazy with my crafting, at least I am knitting while I veg out and watch TV!  I’m sure once I finish up that scarf I’ll be back working on my other projects, I’m feeling better already.

In other news it’s been a great week so far, I’ve sold my first instant cemetery of the year and my home made watercolor tutorial made the Best of Craftster 2009, I imagine it will only get better!

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RoboCat said...

I am a terrible procrastinator. I just can't seem to stop buying crafting supplies with the intent to make something specific...and I never get around to it because I'm busy lallygagging on something unimportant.