Cocktail Ring for a Voodoo Queen

We all know that Voodoo Queens get invited to a lot of cocktail parties and now they can have a stunning ring that conveniently keeps their pins handy and sharp for poking dolls.  Next in the design sketchbook:  Voodoo doll bracelets and purses.bottlecap pincushion ring 1Okay, seriously, last Friday I had a pincushion ring featured in my favorites.  It was really cute and it reminded me of when I first showed my friends the bottle cap pincushions I was making, someone (I don’t remember who, Kelly, Christy, ???) suggested I make them into rings and I finally have.

An adjustable ring base, a bottle cap, E6000 glue, felt, embroidery floss, rick rack, and stuffing is all you need to make one of your own.  bottlecap pincushion ring 2I started by sanding the bottom of my bottle cap lightly to help the glue stick.  Then I traced around the bottom of the bottle cap on felt and cut it out.  In the center of that felt circle I cut a little slit and slipped the pad part of the ring base through the hole, just like a button.  I put a dab of glue on the pad and stuck it to the cap.  I left the felt unglued so I could sew it easier.

Then finished cutting out and sewing the pincushion (see this picture tutorial).  I think that the embellishing is what really makes these little things, I like to add rick rack around the base of mine.  Quick tip: rick rack is polyester, to stop it from fraying where it’s cut use a lighter to lightly singe the raw edge, this melts the fibers together and keeps them from unraveling.bottlecap pincushion ring 3I love how it turned out, so cute and handy.  I’ve really been loving this red and turquoise color combo lately, I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of it.  I plan on making a few more of these, but I want to order some nicer adjustable ring bases.  The one I used is okay, but there are better ones available online.

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