Owlies, Now With Bigger Eyes

I went back and made the eyes a bit larger, I had missed an entire row of the pattern somehow, I also switched from white to pink, which I like much better. While I was at it I made a couple more, just to see what different colors would look like.Rupert amigurumi groupI am going to either have to stop making everything orange or pick a new beak color, the beaks just aren’t showing up as well on the two on the left. I also can’t decide if I prefer sleeping eyes or the winking one, which one do you guys like?

I’m thinking that it would be interesting to make one out of wool and felt it, but I’m not sure I’m ready to torture myself like that again (I’m sooooo allergic) and some sort of owl purse would be cool too! I also want to get some finer yarn and make some smaller ones. These are about 4” tall and 5” wide and we all know that tinier - cuter, I need to check my stash in the basement and see what I can come up with. I really enjoy this pattern and I think I will be making more, maybe I’ll even have some for sale in my new etsy store.

Have a super crafty weekend, I’ll see you next week!


Tanya said...

The owls are all adorable. I like both eyes. I do like the bigger eyes though. I love the color combinations. I might have to invest in this pattern.

Crafterella said...

Thanks Tanya, it is a really fun and cute pattern and safe for all ages, everything is yarn!!!

Priscilla Serafini said...

this is the most wonderful owl i've ever seen! i am looking for the pattern all over the internet and i can't find it. the link that you posted about the pattern you used is not working, could you please re-post it ou send it to my e-mail address urvasitomo@gmail.com ?