Rupert the Amigurumi Owl

I have been working on this little guy for a couple of evenings, it was just too cute of a pattern to pass up!  However, I have decided that the only time that anyone in my family wants to really talk to me is when I’m counting stitches or reading pattern directions.  What that means is that some parts of this pattern have been read about 1000 times, while other parts seemed to have been skipped altogether.  I have re-crocheted this little owl about five times and still there are problems, but don’t worry I’m going to master this pattern even if I have to lock myself in the bathroom to finish it.

Rupert amigurumiHere’s where I’m at, I think I may have overstuffed Rupert a bit, what can I say, I like a chubby owl.  The eyes aren’t quite big enough, I think I may have missed an increase round.  I’m not really liking the white eye anyway it’s just to stark, I may need to make it cream or yellow.

I really need to get my craft room in order, then I can hide in there and count stitches and read patterns.  Although I doubt that would work, when I shut the door now even the cat is at the door scratching to get in (they’re French doors and it’s like I’m in an aquarium and everyone wants in).  Looks like I need some more curtains…and a lock…does anyone else have this problem when you’re crafting, how do you get quiet, crafty time?

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