Christmas Knitting

I know that it is only September, but if you’re knitting gifts for the holidays now is peak knitting time.  I have been working on a set of washcloths for my Father-in-law.  I am trying to use up a large cone of natural colored cotton yarn that I bought for a project that has been frogged.  I think I’m going to keep making washcloths until I run out, washcloths for everyone!!!  If I find a local crafter who makes soap and I’ll be set for teacher gifts too.xmas knitting washcloth 1I will be sending him a set of three, here are the first two.  I love how the ballband pattern looks in just one color (I’ve always knit it in two), so textural and classy and the Chinese waves pattern is so pretty and so easy.  Now I just need to decide on a third pattern.xmas knitting washcloth 1 detail I also need to start a baby gift set for a boy.  I have a selection of yarn in turquoises and chocolaty browns.  I think maybe a cocoon, a couple of hats and maybe some booties.

What gifts will you be crafting for the upcoming holiday season?

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