Quick Custom Cell Phone Cozy

I have a brand new cell phone for my new job and since it will be spending some time in the bottom of my purse I decided it needed a cute cozy.

For this project you will need non fraying fabric* (I used some of my sparklicious collaged fabric, but I thing that glitter vinyl would be awesome too!), felt, ruler, paper, pencil, and a sewing machine with the zigzag stitch.cell cozy 1 I started out by tracing around my phone. Then I measured how thick my phone is (btw it’s 5/8”) and added a 5/8” border all around the original shape and rounded the corners.cell cozy 2 I folded my paper in half and cut out two of this shape. I cut 1” off the top of one template to make the front and then I cut the two shapes out of fabric and felt.cell cozy 3 Match up the pieces, one vinyl to one felt with the wrong sided together. Using the zigzag stitch I sewed across the straight edge of the shorter pieces, treating the felt and vinyl like one fabric. With felt sides facing each other and vinyl facing out zigzag around the entire edge. cell cozy 4 Clip threads and you’re finished with you cute, custom cell phone cozy! I have my phone peeking out, but it fits entirely inside and slides in and out just perfectly.

*I recommend using non fraying fabric for this project because the pieces are just zigzagged together and the edges could fray. You could use a woven fabric, but be aware that you may need to use a tighter zigzag or finish the edges with fray check.


Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

I love it!

c-ing said...

I made a cell phone pouch 2 days ago with leftover polar fleece. I painted an unknown animal over the flap with acrylic paints.