Summer Colds and Quiet Time

Ugh!,the dreaded summer cold struck us this week.  My husband, Little Miss, and Little Man have been sick.  There has been a lot of sneezing, coughing, whining, snot, and cuddling, not so much crafting.  I did get today’s project started.

Sometimes I really need my kids to nicely (quietly) play with their toys.  I have a special selection of toys that I use for this.  Toys that aren’t everyday toys and are only played with when I need quiet time.  I found this example which lead me to this tutorial for a cute little memory game and I knew it would be perfect for my quiet game collection.memory game Halloween set I chose wooden nickels for my base, so I could use the 1” and 1 1/2” circle punches I already had.  Paper Studio’s Spooky Icons paper was just perfect for my matching images and I used some candy corn printed paper for the backs.  I’m going to store my games in a bag like Jennifer from das Sushi and I had the perfect fabric in my stash to go with my Halloween themed set.  I also bought some cute bug and kitty stickers to make non-Halloween sets, but those will have to wait. 

All I need to do is make the storage bag and add another coat of Mod Podge to the back of the nickels and I’ll have this set finished.  The good news is that Little Miss and Little Man seem to be back to normal today.

Have a super crafty weekend!

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