New/Old Idea, Fun or Cheesy?

I made these a few years ago and they have been found in the great shuffling of stuff *.  I wasn’t sure if they are fun and folksy or if they are just cheesy and a bit bright.  plaid santa dolls They are stuffed fabric forms that I have painted with acrylic paint.  It’s an interesting idea that I think I might need to explore more, the plaid is a bit loud for me now.  I think that making some Halloween characters would be more Me.  I guess the real question I’m asking is should I sell these or pack them back away into the crafts from years past box?

*Almost every time my parents come to visit they bring me a box of stuff, mostly things they have been storing for me and interesting yard sale finds and I am slowly sorting through all the boxes, bags, and totes and filing it all carefully away.

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