Pomp-a-Doodle Yarn

I have been wanting to get my hands on the new Pomp-a-Doodle yarn from RedHeart for a while.  Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry it and I haven’t been to Joanns or Michaels for a while (the less I go the more money I save).  This yarn is interesting, basically it’s string with pompoms at regular intervals and you knit the string, skipping the pompoms.pomp-a-doodle scarf I made the one ball scarf pattern found on the wrapper.  I really like how the scarf turned out (wish that it was a little longer), the yarn is super soft and squishy, I would love to make some pillows out of it.  If you get the chance you should give this yarn a try, it one novelty yarn that is fun and easy to work with!  I think I will be making a few more of these, they will make great gifts.

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