Ghoul Scout Costume

I made this costume in 2007 and I decided to dig out the photos and the original badges to share with everyone today.  The great thing about this costume is that you really only need to make the sash, everything else can be from you closet.ghoul scout costumeI used a long, skinny rectangle of fabric and made it into a sash by draping it over my shoulder adjusting the fabric to hang nice.  Pinned, seamed and finished the edges.  If you wanted to cut down on all that I would recommend felt (off the bolt, not the squares) it’s easy to find, easy to work with and forgiving to sew or maybe you could safety pin it, the sewing police usually aren’t writing tickets on Halloween.10-21-2007 09;14;03PMDownload your copy of my Ghoul Scout Badges(personal use only, please).  I printed my badges onto iron on t-shirt transfer fabric (don’t forget to reverse the image when you print) and ironed it on to some muslin.  I hand sewed my badges to the sash because I’m crazy like that, but fabric glue would be A LOT easier.  If you want the look of stitching add faux stitches around the edges with a sharpie marker.

Once the sash is finished the details of the costume are up to you.  I made pompom sock garters, a felt coffin bag, and the black and red pleated skirt, but really anything would good. 

I’d love to see what you guys come up with and let me know if you’d like a tutorial for the felt coffin bag or sock garters.  Have a super crafty weekend!


Silvia said...

Amazing idea. I think I can automatically earn the Evil Eye patch just for being a mom. ;)

Alexa said...

Yes this is amazing! Most clever idea of the week!