Five Pounds of Buttons

I won the auction for five pounds of buttons and they arrived last week.  I carefully sorted and admired them all.5lbs of buttonsThey have all been added to my button jars and are just waiting for the perfect project to come along, I have several in mind, I just need to find the time.button collage1.  Dictionary flowers with button centers from MyLittleBirdie on etsy, she seems out of stock, but maybe could be reached for a custom order.
2.  Embroidered button display from Haylie Waring on Design Sponge for an excellent way to display those special, fancy buttons.
3.  Isn’t this button filled ball ornament wonderful? from Wendy’s Hat, I think my Mom would really love one or twelve of these.
4.  Button edging on an art journal page from Ingrid Dijkers, I find all of her work so inspiring, make sure you check out the other pages of her gallery.
5.  The emergency button from sheepBlue on craftster.  This is part of a fabulous Teesha Moore inspired bag and includes a lot of buttons, but this one was my favorite.

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oobbles said...

Haha! Emergency button!